Children’s Horse Program

2012 Free Children’s Horse Program

Understanding, knowledge and empathy for animals are best learned as a child. High Country Horse Council will provide hand-on learning experiences for children with professional horse trainer and instructor Kelli Day. Three hour presentations will include an introduction to the horse, horse safety, care and horsemanship. Each child will have one on one time with Kelli and her horse while the rest of the group participates in a series of learning activities led volunteer assistants. Purpose of this Free Program – safety around horses. Why horses are different than us and why flight is a horse’s first choice when scared and what that means for you. Safety On The Ground With Horses – How to safely catch a horse and put a halter on, groom a horse, move a horse around, saddle. Safety around horses teaches kids how to be safe in other aspects of their lives including around people, dogs and other animals. These educational programs will be held at Kelli & Rocky Day’s home behind the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park off of Highway 84 on Echo Canyon Ranch Lane. Kelli’s cell phone number is: (970) 749-4392.

Dates Kelli and volunteers are available on the following dates: May 19th, June 16th, July 21, August 18, and September 15 – 9am to noon.

Maximum number of children: 16 or fewer (even number is preferred). 3 hours total, 4 learning stations – 1 with Kelli and one of her horses, and 3 other stations that do not include a horse. A group of kids will move from one educational station to another. Kelli will switch horses for each set of girls she works with.


Order of Activities

1.Welcome, review with the group what they will be doing, overview of safety.

2.Break out into 4 groups.

  • Kelli – Each child will halter a horse, groom them, clean their feet, and lead a horse. If Kelli’s horses become tired or mentally have had enough Kelli and the kids will show them the respect and understanding they deserve and stop working with the horse. This program will be a new experience for Kelli’s well trained horses and consideration will be made for the horse.
  • Horse Masks – heavy construction paper horse masks will be worn to understand how horses see. Kids will wear the masks while walking through an easy obstacle course to truly understand how different a horse’s sight is.
  • Communication/Driving – bridle & headstalls worn/held by one child, reins are held by another from behind and they go for a walk.
  • Horse Anatomy – Put the cutout horse together learning the anatomy of the horse.
  • Back up activity — saddles on bales of hay, cinched to the bale. Sit on a saddle to feel how it is to be in a saddle. Something for those to do who finish quickly.
  • Back up activity — horse 1st Aid – Back up activity if a group gets done quickly. Use polo wraps and bandage the polo wrap over a quilt onto a child’s leg to learn how to bandage.

3.In the Saddle – Kelli riding – demonstrating bridling, getting on, walk, trot, canter, back up, stop and turning, cool down, grooming and a reward in the form of a treat.

4.Meet Kelli’s Horses – Kelli will introduce all of her horses, mules and burro to the girls, talk about their personalities, what they like and a funny story about each of them. She will then talk about how one chooses a horse for themselves, the types of common behaviors horses have, the types of experience and training that might be important.


Forms that need to be filled out

For more information, contact Beverly Compton, or 970-731-3471.